Anthony Morrison Publishing, LLC

started out as a small company founded to publish Anthony Morrison's first book titled "The Hidden Millionaire: Twelve Principles To Uncovering The Entrepreneur In You". The success of that title propelled our company into publishing many other products both digital and physical.


Anthony Morrison

Publishing, LLC specializes in publishing digital products. In 2010 our digital products sold over 15,000 copies online, which we thought was amazing for our first year in the digital product business. In 2011 we increased our sales to over 40,000 copies across 5 different products. Amazingly in 2012 we were able to top even those numbers with 8 products published and over 50,000 copies sold. We believe we are poised for an even bigger year in 2014!

Morrison Publishing, LLC also began offering our publishing services to outside brands in 2012. We have the model, tools, and capability to take anyone with a digital product and get them published online and generating sales. Our goal for 2014 is to bring our both our digital products and publishing services to many other people around the world.

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Morrison Publishing, LLC offers our services to many brands and guru's who want to get their specialized knowledge and training in the hands of people around the world. Our company can take an existing digital product and help you get the 'reach' you are looking for, or we can help you take your ideas and knowledge and turn them into digital products ready to sell online. Please fill out the short form below and we'll contact you with more information about our services.

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