Is This Ad Actually True?

I am sure you’re probably going to wonder WHY I wasted my time writing this post and filming this video for everyone. I probably will wonder the same thing myself by the time I press “Publish””, but for now I will stay focused to make my point.

I recently came across an ad from another marketer claiming he’s developed a new software that “does everything MobileOptin does, but it’s only $17”. Of course being interested in how someone could develop a software just like ours (which cost over $500,000 to date) and sell it for $17 I figured I would check it out.

Upon hitting the site I was instantly shown a nice video that essentially sounded like our PowerPoint presentation for MobileOptin. In an earlier version of their webpage they actually “cited” our presentation as a contributor to the content they posted and used on the page (go figure right).

In the above video I explain what my issue is with this type of marketing. Most of the time it’s people just taking advantage of the fact that many people are looking for and at MobileOptin during our promotion and trying to show them some cheaper alternative.

Is that really accurate though? Is that software REALLY going to do everything (or anything) that MobileOptin can do?

Absolutely not…and here’s some proof..

A partner of ours reached out to the owner of this product to let him know he shouldn’t be using our name as references as we don’t want our software associated with something like this.. here was his response:


Now of course we can’t copyright “html code”, but if that’s all “Warlord Mobile” does then obviously it’s not doing everything MobileOptin does now is it? Their advertising clearly states in some places it’s “better than MobileOptin” which is quite misleading.

Marketers that do this kind of marketing typically can’t figure out how to sell their own products so they watch others (successful people and companies) and attempt to make cheaper knockoffs in order to take advantage of people.

I can assure you as of reading this…. that you WILL NOT get with this “Warlord Ads” or whatever it is the same type of software, quality, features or experience you’ll get with MobileOptin. If you’ve watched our presentation for our software and go buy this $17 thing… in my opinion you’ll be in for a big let down.

If you want to get MobileOptin you can grab it here ==> MobileOptin Access

** The link above is an affiliate link from one of our partners who pointed out this misleading ad to us so feel free to use it or any other link you have for MobileOptin **

– Anthony Morrison

PS: Is it really only $17? MobileOptin has NO UPSELLS as I mention many times during the presentation.. but upon checking out the Invite to promote this amazing product… you’ll see the “sales funnel” and you get to spend quite a lot of money on a bunch of stuff.

Checkout The Sales Funnel For This Product – Is It Really $17?

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