Anthony Morrison Fan Page Domination

Anthony Morrison Fan Page Domination

If you’re looking at these results and thinking to yourself “Anthony HOW DID YOU DO THAT?”

It’s ok I completely understand. The numbers are absolutely staggering to say the least.

Facebook LIVE has given marketers the ability to reach their entire audiences all on what is probably the worlds most popular social media platform. I can tell you right now it’s a HUGE rush to look up and see over 300,000 people watching a video and knowing that it cost absolutely nothing to make it happen.

I teach this in my brand new course, Fan Page Domination, that we’ve just released to our current students. There’s a huge “loop hole” that I’ve figured out when it comes to making your posts on Facebook go viral which has allowed me to build a Fan Page right now that has almost 500,000 avid fans and get this…. I spent $0.00 running Facebook Ads to build my fan base.

The model I am using works as follows:

1. Setup a simple Facebook Fan Page
2. Create Content Posts That Go Viral (This is the key)
3. Monetize Your Thank You Page (this means make money on the thank you page)
4. Generate A Massive Email List
5. Monetize Your Email List

What’s great about Fan Page Domination is that you’ll not only be building a huge Facebook fan base, but you’ll also be generating a massive email list and generating revenue on your thank you page. It’s literally one simple strategy that I stumbled upon while making a Fan Page for a hobby of mine on Facebook.

The Fan Page had nothing to do with me, Internet Marketing or really anything that I have ever done, in fact, it was pretty much in the travel/vacation industry (I love the beaches..)

I was shocked when I stumbled across how to do this, but that’s what we do here at Morrison Publishing… we innovate and we share that knowledge with our students.

So leave me some comments below and let me know what you think about my new Fan Page Domination strategy.

Is it something you’d be interested in learning and using for yourself and your online business?

To Your Success,
Anthony Morrison

Anthony Morrison Fan Page Domination is just one of many strategies we teach here at Morrison Publishing. We welcome you to look around and see how we can help you scale your business to the next level.

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  1. Anthony! Recently, I have not been able to join the webinar even tho I signed up for it. What is the secret to joining the live webinar. I cannot even join through Facebook or Google. Please update me. Thank you.

  2. Hey Anthony, I watched your presentation about Fanpage Domination on the Webfire Webinar.. Thanks a lot. I learned so much from you.

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