Can You Make Just 10 Percent

20170406_00001.1 Agenda

Do You Think You Can Make 10%

This week was a bit different because Alexa was very sick in hospital. For 2 days Anthony didn’t eat or sleep while he stood by her side, as a result he was unable to fulfil all the things he promised last week.

Does It Really Work?

This student is crushing it using Anthony’s funnels.

20170406_00001.2 Student crushing it

He is getting a 51% conversion rate from 1,945 visitors.


That means $419.60 is in the bank and the 73 people currently in the 14 day trial will earn a potential $6529. This is to highlight what can happen when you take action.


Quick Profit Cycle Funnel Review

For the past few months we have been crafting, generating, building and promoting epic awesome funnels that allow you to leverage Anthony’s success in order to make money.


To get the funnel people must optin.

20170323_00002 Quirky look


This is the thankyou page where we tell people in order to get the free done for you funnel, step 2, they must have a Clickfunnels account which is step 1.

The free done for you funnel is a complete business where all they have to do is push a button to install it once they have their clickfunnels account which is also free for 14 days.

We have been given an initial 14 day autoresponder email series.

20170406_00014 Followup Page

There is also a followup page with a video reminding people that if they haven’t taken action yet that now is the time to do it. It has another 2 emails for day 16 and day 18.

This funnel is promoting Clickfunnels and a free profit cycle business. Of the people that give you their email address some are going to sign up for Clickfunnels.

New $997 Product To Promote

20170406_00004 Clickfunnels affiliate page

This is your Clickfunnels affiliate page. If you scroll down you’ll find the “Funnel Hacks Autowebinar” product.

20170406_00005 Funnel Hacks Autowebinar

Click on the [Get Affiliate Tools] button.

20170406_00006 Use your affiliate link

Copy this default link and use it as your affiliate link in the new emails below. Clickfunnels provides emails but do not use them because they wouldn’t be congruent with our 18 day series.

How You Can Make $400 Commissions.

There are 3 new emails for the AR series to promote this high ticket “Funnel Hacks Autowebinar”. Just to put the value of these in perspective, to have them written by a professional copywriter would have cost $350 each.

Do you think Anthony knows how to sell high ticket products? There are not many people on the planet that can write an email to get a response that will lead to a sale of a high ticket webinar better than him.

From day 20 in the autoresponder, people are going to receive promotions to this high ticket webinar. For each sale you will make $400.

Email Day 20

20170406_00008.1 Day 20 email

The circled lines above should be made clickable using your “Funnel Hack Autowebinar” affiliate link.

This email shows people where they can get some training where someone is already making $17,947 per day.

Email Day 22

20170406_00008.2 Day 22 email

Day 22 uses the resending tactic to make people feel like they missed something, which they did if they didn’t open the last email. There is a small new section at the top with another link followed by the previous email.

This will increase conversions of people that opened the first email but didn’t convert as well as get the attention of people that didn’t open the first email. It encourages people to take action if they haven’t already and it also gives people a second chance if they missed the first one.

Email Day 24

20170406_00008.3 Day 24 email

This email is a little bit longer but it’s very creative and it should help you start making conversions.

The subject is little bit strange, “Would you like 10% of $17,947”. If you tell people they can make $17k per day it will blow their mind and they won’t believe you.

Having identified the barrier you overcome it immediately by asking if they’d be happy with 10% of that. We also suggest they are not really 90% behind other people.

Next comes a four step process which is really just two.

  1. Watch the training.
  2. Implement the training.

Step 3 is the result of having implemented step 2. It’s very powerful logic because it suggests a positive outcome somewhere between where they are now and $17k.

Finally step 4 allows them to imagine a much better life as a result of implementing the training, just without saying so many words.

Conversion Award

How do you qualify to win?

  • Be the first person to get a sale from these emails.
  • Send Anthony a screenshot of your affiliate account showing someone bought.
  • Anthony will call Russell to verify you got a real sale.
  • Anthony will ask you to show there were clicks from your autoresponder to the product. One click and one sale is not going to cut it.

The award will be badass sent to you in the mail that you can use to promote the funnel. If you make the sale before the end of May you will receive a $7,500 ticket to the Destin Florida mastermind, including accommodation.

Links To The Treasure Chest

The link below requires a password which is given out during the live webinar. It is also has a cutoff time beyond which it will not work.

20170330_00064 Free Funnel Download PageShared Funnel Link Here



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