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Why do the Rich get Free Stuff

Why is it so easy for rich people to save money on the taxes, why do they get given free stuff?

20170413_00001 Anthony

Rich people work their arses off to get to where they’re at. When they get a lot of money they are going to get some perks but it doesn’t come without a lot of hard work.

Don’t get angry at successful people who are just trying to help you succeed by giving things away for free.

Successful people only invest in people that take that investment and run to the moon with it. If you invest time in yourself and in your business you’ll get results like these people and have success too.

You need to be in the right mindset. If Anthony is going to invest $5000 in his students that have taken action then perhaps it’s time to pay attention, take action and create a funnel so you can benefit from the investment as well.

Check out all the students that are posting proof of income results as a result of Anthony giving away his funnels for free.

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Free Done For You Profit Cycle Business

20170413_00007 Profit Cycle Funnel

20170413_00007.3 Funnel 5 LP ver2

Traffic goes to the opt in page (aka Lead Magnet) where there is a video of Anthony. We ask for their name and email in return for a free done for you profit cycle business.

If you’re making a big claim like these funnels made $1 million then you need an element of proof. That’s why there are images of Anthony with the awards so we can leverage his success.

20170413_00007.4 Funnel 5 TYP

When they enter their name and email they are taken to the thank you page and their email address goes into the auto responder. On the thank you page we tell people in order to get the free done for you business they must have a Clickfunnels account which is step 1.

The free done for you funnel is a complete business where all they have to do is push a button to install it once they have their clickfunnels account which is also free for 14 days.

20170413_00006 AR

We have also been given a 24 day series of emails that the autoresponder will send out when people sign up. When people buy the $997 Clickfunnels product you get a $475 commission.

20170413_00019 Traffic

All you have to do is get traffic.


Solo Ad Traffic Method

20170413_00021.1 What are solo ads

What are Solo Ads

20170413_00021.2 solo ads

Let’s say the person on the left has a large list while you only have funnel 4 or 5. You can say to that person “hey I’ll give you $100 for 1000 clicks” and they say “great” and they send you 1000 guaranteed clicks.

Most solo ad traffic will be about $0.40.


Where can I find Solo Ads

20170413_00021.3 where to find solo ads

Search Facebook for “solo ads”. A lot of the groups are closed where you have to apply to be become a member.

20170413_00021.4 Manny Hernandez Solo Ads Testimonials

Let’s look at Manny Hernandez Solo Ads Testimonials. This is how you find good solo ad sellers.

20170413_00021.5 Social proof

Everyone likes social proof so you can scroll through the timeline and find solo ad testimonials that people are posting. 6 hours ago Eugene ordered 2000 clicks from Thomas and got 2200 so he got more than he paid for and he got a 45% optin rate.

Important Solo Ad Tips

20170413_00021.6 Important Solo Ad Tips

When you buy solo ads you should make sure they are quality like “tier 1” which usually means they come from the top 5 English speaking countries, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Another thing you should look at when buying solo ads is the optin rate that people are getting.

The third important point to consider when buying solo ads is the type of traffic that you get. You want to buy from people looking to sell internet marketing traffic because there are people selling traffic on every topic under the sun from weight loss to trading stocks.

Solo Ad Swipes

20170413_00021.7 Solo Ad Swipes

The majority of solo ad sellers are going to want you to write the emails that you want them to send out to their list. You send them money and the email that you want them to send.

Anthony just offered to write five email swipes that we can send to solo ad sellers and access will be given to them on the Sunday replay.


Fan Page Domination Traffic Method

20170413_00022.1 Fan Page Domination

20170413_00030 FPD Facebook Viral Post

Make a post on a fan page but to go viral we need fans to engage and their friends to engage.

20170413_00031 Friend Based Referral Traffic

Friend based referral traffic got all that engagement with zero advertising expense.


Multiple Profit Zones

20170413_00032 Multiple Profit Zones

  1. Email and build your list;
  2. Post on fan page and generate a ton of clicks;
  3. Make a sponsored post and have people pay you for it;
  4. Do this for other people in charge for it;
    (Abby charged $1000 + $600 per month to do it for one business.)
  5. Traffic to your funnels;
  6. FREE money from Google on your Thank You Page;

Destin Example

20170413_00033 Destin Florida Fan Page20170413_00034 1.3 million reached

This week had 1,643 clicks and 1,012 people signed up.

20170413_00035 544k fans

544 thousand fans for free.

20170413_00037 1,000 dollar post

This company is paying $1,000 per month just to make one post each month.


How Is It Done

20170413_00037 Contest Giveaway

A post about a contest giveaway is made on Facebook that directs people to a survey page.

20170413_00038 Estimated Earnings

When people optin they are taken to a thank you page where you make Google money. The Destin Florida Thank You Page has made $27,779.48 so far.

In the same way that people come from Facebook to the Destin optin page for a free vacation you could create your own fan page about making money and direct people to the start of your funnel #5.

When you want to go broad, go viral and go big we do it by giving away something everyone wants – a vacation. Not everyone is interested in:

  • Boating;
  • Pets;
  • Electronics;
  • Baseball;
  • Football;
  • Buying trinkets for children;

Not everyone that likes vacations will want to make money on the internet but would you rather have 100k fans where only 15% like the funnel you’re giving away or would you rather promote something that people aren’t universally interested in but 100% of your 150 fans love it?

20170413_00039 Everyone loves a vacation

There are some things that everybody wants:

  1. Vacations;
  2. Make money;
  3. Lose weight;
  4. Look younger;
  5. Live forever;
  6. S3x;

Most people that want a vacation probably also want to make money and you’ve got a way to teach people how to do it.

20170413_00040 Slingshot Method

Facebook only show your posts to about 5% of your fans so if you want your post to be seen by more then you need to use specific strategies to make posts in a certain way to make them go viral.

20170413_00041 Destin subscribers

If you were to pay $0.50 to get a solo ad click and let’s just say the optin rate is 50%, to get 315k subscribers you’d have to pay 315 thousand dollars. This method works!

20170413_00045 Vacation giveaway

20170413_00047 Invite All Button

This one button can save a lot of time instead of clicking invite hundreds of times a day.

Fan Page Domination Course

20170413_00049 Fan Page Domination Course


Fan Page Domination Bonus

20170413_00054 Fan Page Domination Bonus

20170413_00055 First 25 People

Existing members will automatically get these bonuses. These will only be available to the first 25 people.

  • Niche research package;
  • Funnel built for you;
  • $25 for Facebook fans;
  • Concierge program where Anthony answers your questions;

20170413_00056 Ten thousand dollars invest in you

The $10,000 co op bonus will be invested in traffic for student businesses, $5,000 on Facebook ads and $5,000 on solo ads. Fewer than 300 students are going to be inundated with quality traffic sent to their landing page or their fan page.


Links To The Treasure Chest

The link below requires a password which is given out during the live webinar. It is also has a cutoff time beyond which it will not work.

Treasure Chest

Shared Funnel Link Here

The word for the week is “Persistence”.

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