$36,000 Per Month Strategy Overview

Profit Cycle

$36,000/Month Strategy Overview

The goal tonight is to literally peek into Anthony’s business.

  • How to take 26,147 clicks;
  • that got 4,145 conversions;
  • and made $36,026.22;

That’s $1.66 every time someone clicks the link.

This is yet another precise jigsaw piece that can be plugged into Fan Page Domination, Mobile Optin, Click Funnels or Build Redirects. Anthony is teaching what he’s doing and this model has already been replicated successfully.

“I woke up this morning thinking
what could I teach that had massive value
in the face of street protests
and all the silliness on television.
What specific things can I teach my students
to distract them from all this insanity.

This strategy will probably appeal to you
more than all the stuff we’re seeing on television
at the moment.

When there’s change
there is always going to be people
that are happy about it and people that are upset.
What’s important is
to keep your mind focused
on positive things that are going to help you
succeed and reach your goals.

Let your sole focus right now be
on making money,
that is after all why you tune in
week after week.”

– Anthony Morrison


  • Email Profit Cycle
  • Strategy Breakdown
  • Getting A Niche, Traffic, Optin Page, Thank You Page, Auto Responder
  • Offers Revealed (KEY POINT HERE)
  • Earning Results Last Month
  • Facebook Ad
  • Where To Find Offers
  • Landing Page

Email Profit Cycle

traffic → list → send email → open → click → convert


  1. You get traffic;
  2. People visit your optin page;
  3. They go to a Thank You page where you make money;
  4. Their email address goes into an autoresponder that sends emails;

There many variations that you can implement for each of these four components.

Step 1 Traffic

The two traffic sources used in this strategy are Facebook Ads and Fan Pages. Do you think it’s easy to find people who want to go to college on Facebook? It’s the easiest thing in the world.

Step 2 Optin Page

The two platforms Anthony uses to build optin pages are Clickfunnels and Mobile Optin.

Step 3 Thank You Page

When you implement the Step Method you can make insane amounts of money in the college niche.

Step 4 Auto Responder

For this strategy Anthony uses Get Response.

Strategy Breakdown

Get A Niche

The very first thing you need before you implement anything is to get a niche.


If you don’t have a niche:

  • how do you know what traffic to get?
  • how do you know what optin page to build?
  • how do you know what product to sell?

Without knowing your niche you’re not going to make money!

When it comes to selecting a niche you have a few options.

  • Option 1 – You have a niche that you love and it can make money.
  • Option 2 – You don’t have a niche.
  • Option 3 – You’re open to get in on a niche regardless of if you like it or not and regardless of if you’ve started or not.

The harsh reality about the world today is nobody cares if you like your niche or not. If you like it then that’s great but nobody else cares.

The harsh reality is..

What we can learn from the recent election where one person is marketing to a specific niche in a world of millions of people. Donald Trump wasn’t trying to reach everyone and that’s why he won even though he’s never been in office before. Whether you like him or not he’s a brilliant marketer who focused on a niche.

A Niche With Lots Of Passionate People

There are some niche characteristics you should be thinking about.

How big is the niche, for example – People that like baseball. Your audience is going to be small if you only target people who play first base than if you target anyone who plays baseball regardless of position.

When you target a large audience you have:

  1. more opportunities to gain followers;
  2. more opportunities to promote products;
  3. and more opportunities to sell.

The larger your niche the more opportunities you have.

Passion! (this is super important)
People need to be passionate about your niche. People that love baseball live, breath and coach it because it’s a lifelong passion. They start when they’re 8 years old, play it until they can’t anymore then they coach their kids.

You want to focus on large passion niches because they have more people with a desire to take action.

Big passion niche

People passionate about music will play in some dingy bar until the day they die but I don’t think there are people passionate about waiting tables to the extent that they’ll do it for free.

In the niche you’re considering, ask yourself how determined are the people to participate and succeed because that will help you be more successful.

College Niche Example

Go to college

When you look at the country as a whole most people are taught to go to college.

  1. Is it big?
    Yes, this is a very large never-ending niche.
  2. Is there desire?
    Certainly, people who want to go to college are willing to get into debt to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars because it’s their true desire,  their intention and they want to do it more than anything else;

Is This A Profitable Niche?

Now that you’ve selected a niche ask yourself if there are any offers you can profit from.

You might be really passionate about teaching people to wait tables but I don’t think we’re going to find many offers on the internet to make any money. There’s just not a lot of information teaching people how to wait tables any better.

When you find a large passionate niche you need to make sure there are offers that you can make money with.

Is The Offer An Easy Conversion?

Ask yourself how easy is it to sell the offer. If you’re doing Shopify can you give products away for free and just charge shipping or are the products worth thousands of dollars.

With affiliate marketing there are:

  • High ticket products that are harder to sell;
  • Trial offers where people typically pay a dollar and you get paid a larger commission;
  • Leads that are a bit easier;
  • Network that pay you to generate clicks which are easiest;

Hard to easy affiliate offers

Is There An Incentive To Take Action?

Incentive to take action

The college industry is going to incentivize students to take action by giving them a grant.

Wavy separator 2016092900012-niche-checklist

The college niche is very large and people are passionate because they’re conditioned to go from the day they’re born. There are colleges that will pay you to generate leads for new students and these offers are easy to convert because you don’t have to sell them an education.

Offers Revealed (KEY POINT HERE)

This is the core strategy as an affiliate marketer. The product you promote is one of the most important things you do because if you’re sending traffic to an offer that doesn’t convert then it doesn’t matter what you do it won’t make money.

Earnings For Last Month

These earnings results are in the education niche.

Earnings Results from Last Month

Anthony learnt this method from Tyler who uses it to make $300k per month. They spoke together at the Build Send Profit live event and now Anthony’s sharing it with us.

The gold is in knowing what to promote. Where the offer has “CPC” in the front are offers where you get paid per click.

The step method relies on finding related products.

  • People starting college might need transport so they want to buy a new or used car.
  • Perhaps they’re moving state and want to buy a new car.
  • The highest uses of home food delivery are millennials.

Lead Offer

These are the actual offers Anthony is running right now that generate about $35,000 per month in revenue, handed to you on a silver platter.

Find the right school in just 3 minutes

This is what someone has to fill out in order to get paid.

As a marketer if you were trying to capture someone’s email address in order to send them to this page what material could you use in ads and the optin page?

  • Find the right School in just 3 minutes ( that’s instant gratification );
  • See if you qualify for a college grant worth up to $5,815.

The Fan Page Domination method is all about giving away free stuff. Anytime you give things away for free you’re going to get massive action.

If I’m a college student on Facebook why would I not respond to an ad that says in 3 minutes they’ll help me find the right college and possibly give me a $5,815 grant.

  • Not only do we have a large industry;
  • Not only do we have passionate people with desire;
  • Not only do we have an offer to make money with;
  • Not only is it easy to make money because they don’t have to buy anything;
  • But the offer also incentivizes people to take action!

Facebook Ad

The ad could say something like:

Would you like to find the best school for you in 3 minutes
and how you might qualify for a $5,815 grant?
If so click here!

Landing Page

Most people make a Facebook ad that takes people directly to an offer that makes them money, but there’s no email list so don’t do it this way.

Most people don't have an email list

This is a basic optin page.

Basic optin page - Would you like to find out

The goal is to take someone from a Facebook ad and give them exactly what was promised.

  • Option 1 – When people enter their information send them directly to the offer.
  • Option 2 – Use Mobile Optin to create a mobile-optimized page.

Ad, Optin, Offer

Now we’re in the profit cycle!

If you’re going to make money in the education market you need to understand how colleges find students.

  1. Affiliates direct students to a portal site.2016092900019-portal-site-affiliate-traffic
  2. Colleges go to the portal site and say give us leads.
    Colleges say - Give me leads

All you have to do as an affiliate is send traffic to the portal site. This is how the largest industries in the world get their leads:

  • Education;
  • Insurance;
  • Mortgage refinancing;

Different portal sites may service different colleges, so now you can offer multiple choices on your Thank You page. If someone is going to click one offer why wouldn’t they click the other and now you’ve just multiplied your commission.

Two Step Method

Once someone is in your autoresponder now you can send other offers that you think they might like and use.

Email other offers

Earnings so far This Month

Earnings so far this month

“Degree Locate” gets got fewer conversions last month so this month there were fewer ads sending it traffic.

You’ve always got to be watching your numbers so you can optimize your ad spend to make the most money.

This is a landing page that was made for people that are procrastinating about going back to college.

Overcoming Procrastination Landing page

This page simply gives people some tips on how to avoid procrastination.

“Just give us your email address and we’ll send you some tips
on getting rid of procrastination.”

And you send an email along the lines of:

Perhaps you’ve been procrastinating about
going back to college because
obviously college is expensive.

Would you like to see if you qualify
for an opportunity to get a $5,815 college grant
to make it easier to go back to college.

If so click this link!

Now you’re tapping into the things people are most passionate about, the things they want need and desire the most. You’re able to not only help them through a difficult time but also profit from it at the same time.

How Much Did It Make Today?

Earnings so far today

Where To Find Offers



But before you go and apply to the affiliate network you need to build a landing page otherwise they’re going to refuse your application.

Then you can say:

I’m promoting affiliate offers to my email list.
I get traffic from Facebook, here is my optin page,
then I send them emails.

then they should approve you.

Anthony has tested a lot of their offers and his suggestion is to use the ones that he’s using.

Always try to make the marketing on your landing page congruent with the marketing on the affiliate offer page.

Portals, redirects and click funnels

You can use WordPress to build your landing page, it’ll just be more difficult than using something like Click Funnels which you have to pay for. You need to ask yourself if the time saving is worth it.

We want to make it as simple as possible to succeed and building a landing page in Click Funnels takes about 4 seconds.

If you do it in WordPress you’ve got to:

  1. Get a domain with hosting;
  2. Install WordPress;
  3. Get a theme;
  4. Add plugins;
  5. Figure out how to add images;
  6. Figure out how to add a form;
  7. Connect the form to an autoresponder;

It’s pretty time consuming compared to using other tools.

This is a hands-free super simple business:

  • you’re not paying for any products;
  • you’re not receiving products;
  • there’s no shipping;

To make that $36,000 last month the ad spend was about $100 per day, or about $3,000 per month.

Not only that but the ads can be turned off and he’ll still make money from the emails.

SC $4,000 “Work Like I Do” Giveaway

The date of the giveaway will be December 1st, the week after Thanksgiving. You need to be on live to win.

Cash Giveaway

$100 FB Fan page winner. Trina McDaniel
$100 FB Group winner. Charles Bernier

SNAPCHAT $1,000 Giveaway

If you’ve been following Anthony on Snapchat then you’ll be able to answer his question about what he did this week. You need to be paying attention every day because the posts only last 24 hours.

As an incentive to make more Snapchat posts, Anthony is going to giveaway another thousand dollars next week. When he realizes it’s costing $1,000 each week it may prompt him to make more posts.

Q. “Last night when I went to eat, what did I take a picture of ?”

Answer – “crab claws”, congrats to Alison Jensen for paying attention and being first to answer.

$36,000 Per Month Strategy Overview
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$36,000 Per Month Strategy Overview
This is literally a peek into Anthony's business. How he got 26,147 clicks that had 4,145 conversions to make $36,026.22. That's $1.66 every time someone clicks the link.
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Morrison Publishing
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