Case Study Reveals 4120 Subscribers In 48 Hours

Case Study Reveals 4120 Subscribers In 48 Hours

Anthony describes a super epic technique that he is using right now and an example of how he has applied it. This case study reveals how he built a new subscriber list of 4120 people in just 48 hours using this technique.

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Black Friday Update: Nearly 6,000 subscribers in 72 hours…

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Case Study Reveals 4120 Subscribers In 48 Hours

The one caveat is you need an existing list to use this technique.

Person A in on multiple lists

Imagine there are two people, person A and person B. Person A is on multiple lists but person B is only on one list.

The point is people are frequently on more than one list because they are distinct brands providing different valuable information.

Using the list duplication technique you can build a new list from an existing list. List duplication is also known as list segmentation.

How Does List Duplication Work

Anthony has a Destin Florida list created using the Fan Page Domination strategy. He currently sells beach stuff and makes Destin related offers to that list.

The opportunity here is to build a second list from the Destin Florida list based on ‘giveaways’.

Build a new list

The Destin Florida list was sent an email message (on Nov 21st) telling them about a sponsor that is doing a gift giveaway and getting them to visit an optin page that is all about saving money and deals.

Email Message

The email message said:

“Winner Announced for a FREE iPad Mini Giveaway Next Tuesday! fans the vacation giveaway is happening November 30th 2016 but in the meantime one of our sponsors is giving away a FREE iPad Mini and we managed to get this deal exclusively for you!”

The important thing here is to tell your fans ‘one of our sponsors‘ is doing the iPad Mini giveaway. This differentiates the list they’re already on from the new brand provider.

DestinFlorida message

Email Message Results

This is the GetResponse email analytics for that email.

GetResponse Email Analytics

The message was sent to 230k subscribers, 23k opened and 5,259 clicked. That’s a 7.5% open rate and a pretty decent 2.2% click through rate.

On the same day the first email was sent, a second email was sent in the afternoon to the non openers because not everyone sees the first email. It was the same email with ‘RE:’ added to the subject line.

Subject RE

These are the results for that second email.

results of email to non openers

That’s an additional 17k opens with 3,376 clicks, a 5.7% open rate and a 1.5% click through rate.

Landing Page Optin

This is the landing page to win the iPad Mini. It took all of 10 minutes to build inside Click Funnels.

In this case the subscribers were taken to short survey to learn more about them but you don’t have to do that.

Do you see how someone opting in to this page will be expecting emails from Sure Save Discounts?

If they get an email today from Destin Florida and another one tomorrow from Sure Save Discounts they’re not going to be surprised. They’re not going to associate the two emails because they signed up on different offers.

Landing Page to win an iPad Mini

Now emails can be sent to Destin Florida subscribers as normal and on the same day send Sure Save Discount emails with exclusive deals on Travel, Shopping and Healthy Living.

Landing Page Results

  • Email 1 had 5,259 clicks.
  • Email 2 had 3,376 clicks.
  • 4,120 people subscribed to the new list because they like offers related to saving money and good deals..

48 percent optin

Some basic maths:

4120 subscribers / 8635 clicks = 48% optin rate

The iPad Mini cost $100 on Amazon, so the cost to acquire a new subscriber is:

$100 / 4120 = $0.02 per subscriber

Black Friday Results Update:

results update

Almost half of the people that opened and clicked the email on the main list went on to optin to the secondary list because its referral-based marketing. They know, like, and trust Destin Florida.

4100 Deals List

The idea going forward is to duplicate this two more times.

New List Offers

The question is what offers are going to be mailed to the new list?

Anthony will be testing:

New Offers

  • Direct TV offer because there’s a big campaign right now;
  • Mexico Vacation offer (CPC);
  • Europe Vacation offer (CPC);

Anytime someone clicks those CPC offers you get paid.

One advantage you with traffic from Facebook is the Insights data which tells you where people come from. With the Destin Florida list the primary demographic is women from Southeastern United States.

When Anthony looks for vacation offers he’s going to choose locations that are close to his audience like Mexico. Europe is not close but it’s worth testing.


After mailing these offers the goal is to make north of $5,000.

List Duplication Method

List Duplication Method

Send your list to an optin page for an offer that you own. When they subscribe they are taken to a Thankyou page which also makes some money.

Key Points

Key Points

  1. You first need a list;
  2. Send an email saying “from our sponsor”;
    You want people to clearly differentiate the emails as coming from 2 completely different brands so you can send emails 2x a day and they won’t feel spammed.
  3. Choose your topic wisely. People on the Destin Florida list like beach vacations but they also like free stuff. That’s why Anthony went with health & fitness, vacations & travel, and deals which opens up many offers.

Weight Loss Segment Example

Let’s say your fan page is on weight loss and you’ve built a large list. You can segment that list into another list based on:

  • Healthy living/eating;
  • Organic eating;
  • Fitness (P90x);
  • Save Money Deals;

List Segment 2

If your initial list is about weight loss then you’re locked into offering things like weight loss supplements, healthy eating and fitness. By offering ‘save money deals’ it really opens up the opportunity to send any money saving deal to the new list.

Always Mix In Global Offers

Deals open it up

When you use a broad word like ‘deals’ it leaves the door wide open as to what you can offer people because you’re not restricting yourself to deals on health or travel. You can offer deals on anything:

  • Health & Fitness deals;
  • Vacation & Travel deals;
  • Direct TV offer;
  • Free gift card;

This can also be used to send people to your Mobile Optin page.

Giveaway An Enticing Offer

Do a giveaway offer like an iPad Mini that is enticing to everyone:

  • People doing weight loss still want a free iPad Mini;
  • People who take vacations still want an iPad Mini;
  • People who like pets still want an iPad Mini;
  • Everybody wants an iPad Mini;

Use Fan Page To Build New List

You can build your second list by making a sponsored post on your own Facebook fan page.

Anthony is going to make a sponsored post for Sure Save Discounts. The post will say:

“Hey one of our sponsors, Sure Save Discounts, is giving away a free iPad Mini.
The offer closes on November 28th and I want you guys to check it out.”

Leverage 2 Marketing Channels

This is leveraging 2 assets, 2 marketing channels to build the second list. You have your email list traffic as well as fan page traffic.

This is showing you the step by step process to duplicate your email list which is a different stream of revenue.

Imagine the result of using this method 10x to build new lists with 4k subscribers on each.

$500 Cash Giveaway

To win you must leave a comment on the post about “Your Email Profits” FREE book.

Leave Comments on this post

Step 1: Click the like button and click the share button;
Step 2: Leave a comment telling people:

  • Why they should get their Email Profits book;
  • Why they should get on the Success Connection;
  • Your experience with Anthony;
  • How much you enjoy the training;
  • Does Anthony add value to your life;
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This is a means to get people in the door to start educating them, to put them on the right track so they too can end up on the Success Connection.


Anthony is always transparent about what is going on in his life but he didn’t want to start the evening with this news. Please say a silent prayer for Alexa’s grandmother who passed away this week. A wonderful 84 years with so many loving and caring people

The winner was draw half an hour after the webinar, live on Facebook where we got a peek inside the bedroom.

Wedding Party Mirror

Peter Lik - Sunset Dreams

Photo by Peter Lik – Sunset Dreams

Anthony, Chloe and Alexa

Anthony giving his eyes a rest with Chloe after a bath and Alexa picking the winner.

Congratulations Jennifer Zorrilla for winning the $500 cash giveaway.

Next Week

Anthony will go through the entire Fan Page Domination basics, the offers and the revenue.

He’ll also share the results of the list duplication method as well as the mistakes. He shows the mistakes so we don’t make them, so we have faster easier paths to success.

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The $4k work like I do giveaway is happening live next week so be sure to get on 15min early.


Case Study Reveals 4120 Subscribers In 48 Hours
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Case Study Reveals 4120 Subscribers In 48 Hours
Anthony describes an epic technique he is using right now to build a new subscriber list of 4,120 people in just 48 hours.
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