The December Success Plan

December Plan for Success

Tweak Your Lead Magnet to Increase Optin Rates

The December Success Plan

The December Success Plan is a basic strategy to leverage the time of year because a ton of money is spent leading up to Christmas. Literally 8 minutes before Anthony went live when he was doing a SnapChat he had an idea. He started messaging his team to see if it was doable and the result is really awesome.

Literally came up with the idea

Add Legitimate Credibility Elements to Gain Trust

Anthony's Lead Magnet

When your page has logos from authority sites like CNN and Fox News it helps your optin rate because it adds credibility and builds trust by showing people you are different and real.

Authority site logos

How would you like to have an optin page just like Anthony’s without doing any work and it’s completely legitimate?

A Marketing Lesson

Marketing is full of people who only speak half truths, who put logos on their page pretending to have endorsements that in reality have no meaning.

That kind of behavior isn’t a good idea because people quickly learn what is fake and they never return. Over the ten years that Anthony has been teaching internet marketing 95% of the people that go backwards are not willing to do what works because they think there’s a shortcut to success.

There’s no shortcut to success!

These are the keys to success:

  1. you have to be committed;
  2. you have to implement what you learn;
  3. you have to be honest;

If you’re dishonest, eventually you’ll get derailed so don’t go putting fake stuff on your page. Anthony has figured out a way for you to get those elements in an honest and legitimate way.

Always use ‘FREE’ in the Headline

Free Headline

The word ‘free‘ is one of the most powerful words in existence because it makes people go crazy insane. It just doesn’t make sense not to use this word when you’re trying to get people to optin.

The whole goal of a lead magnet is to offer something, like a book, that attracts people so they sign up with you.

Free giveaway image

Bullet Point Benefits

The bullet point benefits give someone a quick glance of why they should optin to get this book, what they’ll get from it.

Benefit bullet points

Secret Conversion Increaser

Get people to take action by adding urgency and scarcity. Right under the optin button say the offer is only available for a limited time and they should get it while it’s still free.

Hurry, Grab it While It’s Still FREE (Limited Time)

It’s not false scarcity because in reality the page could be taken down at any time.

Tell People Where the Free Item will be Sent

how to get free product

Your Email Profits will be sent to
the email address you provide us!

This element is telling people how they can get the free product. It serves two purposes:

  1. It makes people aware that they will not get the free book by entering a fake email address because it will be sent to the address they provide.
  2. It prepares people for what is going to happen next.

Funnel Second Stage

When someone clicks the [give me instant access] button the optin page is shown. This is where they enter their email address.

opin box

The more times you say free and the more times you say instant then the more conversions you’ll make online because people like free instant gratification. It’s the reason so many companies say free shipping when they’ve really just built that into the price.

It might sound a bit repetitive but it’s so everyone grasps the concept and we’re all successful.

These lead magnets can be created for any niche:

  • Internet marketing;
  • Weight loss;
  • Make Money;
  • Holistic medicine;
  • 10 ways to get rid of diabetes;
  • Top 12 cures to get rid of warts;
    If you’ve got Planters warts and they’re not going away then you see a book pop up that says here are the 12 fastest ways to get rid of Planters warts, you’re going to click that button.

When you tap into people that are desperate for solutions then your conversions will go up.

Tap Into what People want to Obtain, Get Rid of, or Fix

Picture, One Activity a day please

This is a picture of Anthony and Adrian walking through an outdoor mall in Hawaii with bare feet. Somehow Adrian contracted the Planter’s wart virus.

Anthony said “just put some medicine on it” but Adrian had it for 6 months. He tried duct tape, bananas and potassium but nothing would get rid of it, the warts just kept on getting bigger and bigger.

Finally when Adrian couldn’t walk anymore and he was getting depressed he got online and searched Google:

How do I get rid of the Planter’s wart

A book popped up that said “we know how to cure the Planter’s wart”, from a podiatrist in Destin Florida. Adrian opted in, got the book, went to the guy’s office and got some special cream they make on site.

After 6 months of suffering the warts were gone within 48 hours.

Think Outside the Box

If you don’t have a niche and you’re considering what one to enter think about pain and desperation. Wherever there’s a problem there’s a solution and that solution becomes a niche.

Anyone that has an urgent problem is going to optin to every single possible solution that comes their way. When you’re considering a niche think outside the box instead of doing the typical weight loss, make money, and investing.

What are others not thinking about, what are people desperate to either obtain, get rid of or fix?

Step 2 is the Thank You Page

On the thank you page provide a link to let people download your free giveaway immediately.

ThankYou Page Section 1

Make Good on Your Promise

Some people teach this a different way but it’s imperative to let people download the free item immediately from the Thank You page. If you try not to give your book away until they get an email then sometimes they don’t always receive the email and they get really annoyed and form a negative impression of you.

This book has been downloaded 25,000 times yet people still complain that they didn’t receive the book even though there’s a big button that says:

[yes! download my book now]

A lot of people don’t want to give things away because they worry about fake email addresses. When you use the technique of telling people the book will be delivered to their email address, it makes them think twice, they think they won’t get it for free if they put a fake email address in.

Making Money Section

This is where you put your make money now links.

ThankYou Page Section 2

At the end of the day you can promote whatever you want. Instead of that YouTube video you could put the image of a product you’re promoting, you could put an affiliate link to a JVZoo offer, a link to your website, a link to your own product, an Amazon product.

The two sections you should have on your thank you page are make good on your promise and make money. The goal is to sell something on the Thank You page.

Make Money This Month (Your Plan)

Here’s your plan to make some money this December, this is all you need.

  1. Pick a niche and find an offer that pays. It could be an affiliate offer on ClickBank or JVZoo or it could be a product you sell on Shopify or Amazon.
  2. Create a free book because people value them.
  3. Create your optin page and thank you page.
  4. Mail your list.
  5. Get traffic to the page.
    You can use YouTube, Fan Page Domination or buy Facebook advertising.

Who hasn’t completed steps 1, 2 and 3?

Who hasn't completed steps 1 to 3

Could You Make These Pages by Yourself?

Could you legitimately say the author of your free giveaway was on CNN, Fox News, CNBC and the Chicago Tribune – probably not. Anthony’s awesome offer is only available to those on the webinar live.

FREE Done For You Funnel

What if Anthony had his designer build this funnel for you, build these two pages, create some nice graphics, write an eBook and write all the copy so all you need to do is insert an affiliate link, would you then show up next week to get it?

All you need to clone Anthony’s funnel is a URL like this one and you’ll get a copy of everything.

Share this funnel

Anthony will write an eBook like “The top 10 ways to start building your online business” that’s about 30 pages long with some nice graphics. He’ll even host the book on his server so you don’t have to worry about how people download it.

The reason you should start your business with a funnel like this one is because it works, it has a 42% conversion rate.

 42 pcnt conversion

There are two caveats with this giveaway:


  1. You must have Clickfunnels;
    If you don’t have Clickfunnels then this is Anthony’s affiliate link where you can get a free trial period.
  • The funnel share link will only be available live, it will not be given away in the replay and it will only be available for a short time.


Do you think you can include those credibility logos if Anthony writes the book?

Yes of course you can because Anthony has been on all of those media channels for 4 years and he’s giving away the rights to the book. He’ll even endorse us by saying something like:

“The reason you’re getting this book is because it’s from one of my top students.

They’re one of the students who are on with me every single week listening, learning, and being educated. Now look here they are providing you with a great bit of information.

They’re smart, they’re knowledgeable, you need to listen to what they have to say, you need to pay attention, subscribe to their emails and you need to do what they tell you to do.”

If Anthony lends you his credibility, gives you his work and you don’t do anything with it at that stage then there’s not much else he can do to help.

So that will be the giveaway next week, something you can use to start building your business and leverage Anthony’s book, his copy and the graphic design.

December will be about more done for you funnels in different niches to help you prepare for January. The week after next will probably be Mobile Optin training to demonstrate  how to use it and with all the new features. There’s no sales pitch because there won’t be anything for sale.

The goal is to provide a kick-ass training opportunity in the hope that you will be motivated enough to use the training and the things built for you.

Appear on TV

Who would like to appear with Anthony on national television January 4th, it will probably be aired every night for the next 3 years.

He’s filming a new show in January to coincide with the launch of his new books and he wants two student to come to Mississippi to share their story, their thoughts about the program and what he teaches.

The Profit Cycle and Level Up Books

You had to send your video to the email he gave, this is just another reason why it’s worth watching the success connection live.



Shanelle Allen won the $1000 Snapchat contest for answering “shoes”.


Bridget Ntiti won $100 on the fan page.

Jerry L Garrison won $100 from the Facebook SC group.

Work Like I Do Package

Jacob Kinesman won the $4000 Work Like I Do contest for his comment on a 2 week old Instagram post.

Remember you don’t get the done for you funnels if you don’t show up next week.

December Success Plan
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December Success Plan
The December Success Plan is a basic strategy to leverage the time of year because a ton of money is spent leading up to Christmas.
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