Fan Page Domination

List Duplication Results

The fan page domination (FPD) method was released around June. The list duplication goal was to duplicate that list starting with sending just one email on one day.

It was sent in the morning then sent to the unopens in the afternoon and made $66 all profit from Cost Per Click (CPC) offers. Anthony thinks he can make $1,500 per month just from sending simple emails.

Emails were sent to the FPD list with an offer to win an iPad Mini. That offer ended on November 28th.

The first email was sent to 231k subscribers. It received 25k opens and 5,492 clicks.

First email result

Anthony is testing a platform called Klaviyo to build the second list. He’s always spending money doing R&D so we don’t have to.

That new list right now has 5000 subscribers all from opting in to win an iPad Mini.


One question that needs to be answered is what offers can be sent to that list to start generating revenue?

  1. CPC – Orlando;
    This was on offer to win a free trip to Disney World Orlando.
  2. CPC – Glasses;
  3. DirectTV;

Three Offer results

A question you might have is why is the conversion rate greater than 100%. The reason is you get paid per click. For the Orland offer there were 56 unique clicks but some people clicked twice resulting in 69 conversions.

The direct TV offer didn’t make any money.

The glasses offer made $.75 every time someone clicked on the link in the email. How did Anthony know that glasses would be a good offer for this list?

The Orlando offer made $.33 per click.

Some people might think that $66 is not a lot of money but this is what they’re missing. Anthony learned that he can make about $100 just from that glasses offer so he might send it 5 or 6 times each month to make $500. With each offer that you add you make more and more money.

The question is how do you get to the point of having an email list of 230,000 subscribers. That’s what the fan page domination method is all about.

Fan Page Domination

This is the last time Anthony is going over FPD this year because he needs time to perfect and learn more before he talks about it again. There are also a couple of new things added to the course and three additional bonuses.

We will be looking at how the fan page domination method was used to build over 500,000 fans, make an email list of more than 267k subscribers and create revenue. It all starts with the fan page.

The list duplication method is just another way to make even more money from that list.

Key to a successful online business

The key to a successful online business is not just traffic but quality traffic.

Free Traffic

How many of you have bought free traffic courses online before.

  1. The first problem with free traffic is it’s low quality!
    Do you really think you can make that much money by sending random people to your website, probably not.
  2. Not targeted;
  3. Takes forever;
    How many of you just like instantaneous gratification. Sometimes it can take hours, days, weeks or even years to build organic traffic unless you’re skilled at SEO.

Biz Created by accident

Many successful businesses are created unintentionally because they’re trying something new. It’s all about  getting outside of your comfort bubble and trying something that you haven’t done before.

Discovery, Fast Free Targeted Quality Traffic

Anthony discovered how to get free traffic that was also quality, targeted and fast. If you want to start a real business don’t waste your time running around trying to get free traffic, you need to invest in some advertising.

When Anthony discovered this method he wanted to share it with people but first he wanted to make sure it was duplicatable. Before he even told anyone these were the results he was getting:

  • 15 million fan page viewers in a week;
  • 49,000 email subscribers that cost nothing;
  • 60,000 website visitors!
    Do you think you could make some money if you got that many visitors to your Shopify store?
  • Made $4,000 on autopilot;
  • In one month;

How To Create $4,000 Per Month In Passive Income

I'm going to show you

This method does not require you to be a famous TV presenter, a published author, a movie celebrity or an internet marketing guru. It’s a neutral playing field where you have the same opportunity to succeed.

Traffic Is Key

When you get traffic to your website two things happen. People go into your email list and you generate some profit at the same time.

Traffic is key

Who Can Use This Strategy

  • eCommerce or Shopify;
  • Affiliate and CPA marketers;
  • Email marketers / product creators;
  • Local marketers;
  • Brand new with no business;

Imagine having an e-commerce store and flooding it with this much free traffic. If you’re an affiliate how would you like to make an extra $60 a day just by making a list and sending email offers.

You could sell this method as a service for local businesses.

Even if you don’t have a business yet this will create an entire automated income stream for you because it’s a self-contained method that works for everyone.

Where Is The Traffic

Where is the traffic

If you’re not advertising on Facebook why bother with Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube when eventually everyone ends up on Facebook. It’s easier, faster and more effective to reach people on Facebook.

If you’re new to marketing and you’re not making any money or you have a business at the moment but it’s not massively successful then you need to stop diversifying before you’ve mastered something.

Once you master one thing then you can bolt on a couple of other revenue-generating ideas to reach a few more people. The suggestion is to master Facebook because that’s where everyone is.

Did you know that you can build simple free fan pages that will only attract people interested in the same thing. Perhaps you feel you don’t quite know how to create the fan page though.

How would you like your fan page to be built for you?

Once you build your fan page for free you can then send daily posts to them and it’s not going to cost you any money.

Wait On A Minute

Haven’t we just been convinced free traffic takes too long, it’s low quality and it’s not targeted.

Wait free traffic

New Strategy.. Did What?

This accidental strategy:

  • Generated 15 million views;
  • Generated 49,000 new email subscribers;
  • Generated 60,000 website visitors;
  • All in one month completely free;

The reason Anthony is comfortable teaching this free traffic strategy is because he knows it works.


These results are from the Destin Florida website earlier this year when people were absolutely crazy about the beach.

It’s one reason why the method is so good because now you can make a fan page in a niche that you’re passionate about. You can build a business on a topic you enjoy talking about instead of someone saying okay this is what makes money go and build this.

Could you profit

  • 100,720 new fans for free;
  • Reached 15 million people for free;
  • Videos had 9 million views for free;

The only reason Anthony opened up fan page domination for the last time this year is because he received so many emails from people asking how they can get it.

Could you profit from 908k clicks

Do you think you can profit from 908,000 clicks?

Friend Based Referral Traffic

This video was shared by 159k Destin Florida fans.

Friend based referral traffic

Those shared videos received another 386k likes by people that were not fans. That’s the viral power of friend based referral traffic.

Another video reached 7.3 million people, another one reached 6 million people.

7.3 million reached

Boost Facebook With $20

20 dollar boost

If you’re advertising reached this many people it would cost a ton of money. Facebook is offering to show this video to 1,800 people for $20, so let’s do the math when this video reached 3.8 million people.

Some math

When this post has already reached 3.8 million people you would have to pay Facebook $42,000 which Anthony got for free.

Does Video Work?

On average 74% of the videos are watched to the end.

74 pcnt video completion

One video that went live had 117k unique viewers.

117k unique viewers

This video had 407k minutes watched and it wasn’t even that long.

407k minutes watched

232,679 people watched this video live with a peak audience of 20,125 unique viewers.

20k live

The videos are only 20 to 30 seconds long but it’s because of how they’re crafted and the topic they’re on that makes them go viral.

All With Simple Fan Pages

These are simple fan pages that bring people together who like a common topic.

  • Pets, cats, dogs;
  • Weight loss;
  • Personal development;
  • Vacations;
  • Fashion;
  • Exotic cars;

The question is how do we generate revenue from a fan page, how do we get people from the fan page to a website so we can build a list and make sustainable income.

One Huge Problem

Facebook does not show your post to all of your fans and sometimes it’s less than 5%. This makes it very difficult to get viral activity and even harder to generate revenue.

Imagine you went to the effort of building a really awesome fan page with a hundred thousand fans then you make a post and only 5% see it, how are you going to make revenue from that. You’ve got to figure out how to make Facebook show your post to all of your fans.

Cracked The Code

Cracked The Code


This method shows your post to hundreds of thousands even millions of people. It resulted in a massive email list and a huge monthly profit.

It’s all from using a simple method that almost no one thinks about because they’re too scared to use it. So how do you use it risk free?

Everyday Profits

you can profit everyday free

This is $3,600 in a single month of free automated income. There were no promotions, no affiliate offer, it wasn’t a Shopify store, nothing just free money.

How To Make Your Post Go Viral

All of this works on the premise that you have a fan page with posts that go viral.

Viral Fan Page Post

To go viral you’ve got to get your fans engaged and excited whenever you make a post. Secondly you’ve got to get their friends engaged and like us.

Scenario One

scenario 1

Imagine you go to Best Buy and talk to a rep about a printer who immediately suggests you buy the most expensive $500 printer. How many of you are skeptical and think they’re probably just recommending the most expensive printer so they can get the highest commission.

As it turns out Adrian used to work at Best Buy selling printers. He was the Epson printer representative and did not get paid commissions. That doesn’t stop us being skeptical.

Scenario Two

You go to a friends house and you see their printer. Your friend tells you the printer rocks and you should get one.

You will probably buy the printer your friend recommends even if it’s the most expensive because you know, like and trust your friends referral. Friend based referral traffic is the best type of traffic.

Friend Based Referral Traffic

How do you get friend based referral traffic on Facebook?

Friend based referral traffic

When you press the share button on Facebook you’re telling your friends “hey I like this, check this out, this is great”. It’s just like scenario 2 when you tell a friend to go and buy a printer then they go and buy it.

The question is how do we get people to press the share button?

Contest Giveaway

To get people clicking that share button do a contest giveaway. The most important thing is to go big.

Go Big

You have to make your giveaway seem so incredibly awesome that people can’t refuse clicking the like button just out of the hope of winning. Anthony gives away a three day vacation.

Hang on that’s not free.

Many people think the three day vacation is too expensive to just give away and they can’t afford thousands of dollars. Successful people see things through a different lens, they see a different path when others just see roadblocks.

The 3 day vacation cost $600 (hotel only).

The contest made $3900 before the vacation was even paid for, it made 40,000 new email subscribers and got 100,000 new fans. At the end of the day Anthony was paid $3,300 to give away a vacation.

Profit Zone

In the beginning your Fan Page is new and you start with zero fans but with each iteration your fan base grows and you continue to make money.

Fan Base Grows

The Formula

  1. First make a post on Facebook with a link to a survey.
  2. The survey has 3 simple questions where we learn more about our visitors.
  3. From the survey people go to a thank you page that has Google ads which make instant profits. No one has to buy anything but when they click you get paid. The survey also puts people in an autoresponder.

The Formula

The profit zone is where you send an email and make even more profit from an eCom store, affiliate offers, a blog with ads on it, your own products and CPA offers. Who wants to get to the profit zone.

The Flow

This is the fan page. 

Destin Florida fan page

  • 503k fans.
  • 1.8 million reached this week during Thanksgiving.

This is a post with the survey link with Christina announcing the winner.

Post with survey link

The post reached 214k people on one day.

When people click the Facebook post link, they go to this simple survey.


They answer 3 questions then enter their details to win a 3 day vacation.

When they click the [Enter Me Now!] button they go to the thank you page which is where Anthony makes more money than the cost of the vacation.

Thankyou Page

When people click the enter sweepstakes link Anthony gets paid instantly.

Further down the page is another link to win a 3 night Branson vacation. Do you think someone that is entering a free vacation might click one of these links.

Google puts the ads on your page for you. Can you see how quickly you get paid once someone opts in and clicks an ad.

These are some of the automatic payments to Anthony’s checking account.

Adsense Payment Proof

This method has built an email list of 267k subscribers.


Are These Quality Subscribers

How do we know these are quality subscribers, let’s have a look at the open rates.

Open Rate

This email received an 8.6% open rate and 2.2% click rate. If you buy traffic you would normally pay a dollar per click so this email received 5000 clicks potentially saving you $5,000.

Another email received a 16% open rate and a 4% click rate, that’s 8800 clicks.

What Offers Should I Promote?

How do you know what to put in the email?

It would be difficult if you weren’t using Facebook insights. Facebook tells you who the fans are that visit your fan page.

85 pcnt women

85% of the fans are women with the biggest group between 35 and 54 years old.

If you send an email you want to write it in a style that speaks to your audience. Do you think you could find a product that appealed to women aged between 35 and 54 because that’s 42% of this audience.

As an experiment this list was sent a Direct TV offer to see if anyone would click. It failed miserably but it proved a point that if you know who your fans are you know who is on your email list.

I Don’t Have Any Fans

How would you like to take your fan page and build a couple of thousand fans without spending any money?

A lot of times people like your post but they don’t like your page.

Not all likes are fans

There’s a hidden feature a lot of people don’t even know about. If you click that number you can invite people to become your fan, the thing is it’s tedious to invite hundreds of people to like your page.

Invite Fans

Anthony’s team developed this [Invite All] button that can invite up to 500 people all at once. This enables you to grow your fan base exponentially and saves time.

Introducing Fan Page Domination

Back in June Anthony created a course and continues adding to it.

Fanpage Domination

Phase 1

Phase 1 is about getting you set up.

  • Building your fan page;
  • Getting your first fans;
  • Setting up the survey;
  • Adsense ads;
  • How to add a thank you page;
  • How to setup an autoresponder;

Phase 2 – Build And Grow

  • How do I make posts go viral?
  • The photo contest;
  • The “Optin Spike” Method;
  • Facebook Live;

Phase 3 – Scale And Launch

  • Countdown;
  • The slingshot method;
  • The Launch Blueprint;
  • List Segmenting;

Phase 4 – Monetization

How to use the Thankyou Page to make money.

Fan Page Explosion Software

This is where you can download that [Invite All] button.

Live Workshops

The next live workshop is on December 17th at 4 PM EST.

Fan Page Domination Facebook Group

Just look at what Dave Clark posted in the group. He started a new passion niche and has 3k fans for $30. You don’t have to spend money on ads but if you do it will jump start your results.

Fanpage Domination Group

Tons of people are commenting all the time but the Fan Page Domination group is only available to students, a place where you can help each other.

New Niche Research

A new section was recently added called niche research. This is where Anthony is doing the research to find the perfect niches that work and then sharing the results so we don’t have to do it.

Done For You Fan Page Setup

If you don’t want to make the fan page yourself you can fill in a short form and Christina will make the page for you. This new section was just added 2 days ago.

Fanpage Done For You

Christina will design the cover at the top and build your fan page for you so you can get started without having any excuses. Do you like having things done for you?

This is showing all the traffic is coming from Facebook.

Facebook is the source

A pinnacle moment, 12,116 new subscribers in one day is the best result so far.

This is the pinnacle

25,000 subscribers in a week. 48,949 subscribers in one month is worth $50k per month ongoing if you know how to monetize it. If you’re on the success connection paying attention, you’re listening, you’re learning, your earning!

48k subscribers in a month

$3,453 in a month just from a thank you page.

3453 dollars in a month

One good thing about this method is the revenue comes from many different sources. Some from Shopify sales, some from affiliate offers, some from Google AdSense. It allow you to diversify which is key to sustainable success.

This is your fan page success formula if you want to:

  • Build a fan page;
  • Learn how to make your post go viral;
  • Send people to your survey;
  • Build a list;
  • Make instant money on the thank you page;
  • Get in the Profit Zone;

Your fan page success formula

This is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Your Missing Piece

  • This is fun,
  • it’s free,
  • and it’s simple to build!

It doesn’t matter what other programs and courses you already purchased at the end of the day all business starts with traffic and this is the traffic component. If you don’t have an existing business then you can use this to build one.

  • Bonus #1 weekly training;
  • Bonus #2 fan page explosion software;
  • Bonus #3 private Facebook group;

For the first 25 fast action takers you get no student left behind.

Fast action bonuses

  • You get the niche research done for you. 
  • You just saw one student got 3000 fans with $30. You should be able to get fans fast with a $25 Facebook ad coupon.
  • Anthony will ask Christina to build your fan page for you.
  • You get the personal help concierge program. Very few people are willing to go to these lengths for their students.

These bonuses are worth whatever you end up making if without them you don’t take action.

This is a self-contained system. All the tools that you need to be successful are inside this course.

Next April the price will go up to $2997 and it will not include those bonuses. The price is going up because we are putting more energy, more resources and more bonuses into it.

You can enroll for $1997 with no monthly fees so you save $1000. You’ll get all the bonuses completely free but only for the first 25 fast action takers.

This link will be taken down soon.

Victor, came on live to tell us about his experience.

“I’m originally from the Ukraine. I tried a million times with different so called gurus to make money online and I failed many many times until I found you and Adrian.

With fan page domination I use it to drive traffic to my site. You can go to Facebook and pay a lot of money to drive the traffic.

When you implement the strategy you can drive it literally for free just like you said.

Yesterday I said I had 735 sales because I drive people to a Shopify store, that profit zone. I would say half of those sales were free so I don’t use any money. I have a little sweepstake, I invite people to take part in it, they go to a thank you page that has a link to my Shopify store, they come and buy products.

When I came I was very new, I was a little scared and I didn’t know anything.

I had many questions and send personal emails to you saying Anthony can you answer this question. I was thinking there’s no way this guy I will answer this email, he’s a celebrity with thousands of people like me. I was in Washington state when you answered me in the middle of the night on two different emails…

If anyone out there is thinking is this for real then just look at this guy from the Ukraine that failed many times till he found Anthony Morrison. 780 sales by today, I don’t think I’m very successful yet but for some people to make their first sale would be a big success.

I just want to say thank you very much for giving this chance to me and making me successful. I don’t think anyone in my generation from my family is as successful as I am today.

I want to just say from my experience in my country if I compete in the same niche with a bigger and stronger guy, I receive a phone call saying “hey I saw your ad, take down your ad or I’ll break your legs”.

You guys understand that there is enough for everyone and you’re willing to share your success…

The more I know the more I understand I don’t know much.

Thank you so much.”

Congratulations Victor.

There are so many people just like Victor that are doing well and having success. It’s not because Anthony gave anyone a secret key, it’s because you’re committed to holding yourself accountable.

You have a choice to be there or not to be there. When you have these live training webinars every week it forces you to think a little harder about your education, to think about your commitment and what you could be doing with your time.

Often times it’s enough to keep people focused on a webinar for an hour and a half then all of a sudden those people start having success and start making money because they’re focused.

Anthony doesn’t get on a webinar to just sell anymore but he teaches to inspire us, to give us the tools we need  and for stories just like Victors.

Anybody can do it, it just takes dedication, it takes commitment. In this country people have a hard time staying committed to things because they get distracted, it’s the shiny object syndrome, it’s the news and all kinds of things going on around us that distract us from our goals.

If we stay focused on the positive things in our lives and the things that can help us to be more successful and reach our goals then we have a greater chance of achieving them. That’s the reason for the Success Connection and why Fan Page Domination was opened up again.

$4,000 Work Like I Do Giveaway

Click here for details on what it is and how to enter.

Anthony actually gave away two $4k work like I do packages.

Congratulations to Lonnie Atkins and Tibor Onica.

Be back next week for massive amounts of training and another work like I do package for no other reason that just because.

Have a great weekend, have a safe weekend and we’ll do it all again next Thursday. Between then and now make sure you’re doing something every single day:

  • to have more success,
  • to help yourself move forward,
  • To help yourself go down the path toward your goal.

Don’t get derailed by all the negative things in your life, don’t get derailed by all the negative people in your life, don’t let yourself put so much negative in that all you can put out is negative.

Surround yourself with successful people, positive people, with helpful people and you will have far more success.



Fan Page Domination
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Fan Page Domination
When you have these live training webinars every week it forces you to think a little harder about your education, to think about your commitment and what you could be doing with your time.
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