Your FREE 30 Day AR Series


Your FREE 30 Day AR Series


So far you have been given everything you need to duplicate the funnel Anthony uses himself. Today we are reviewing an additional 16 days worth of emails that means you now have a free 30 day AR series.

The job of an autoresponder is to automatically send a sequence of emails to new subscribers starting from the day they signup. The purpose of the emails are to motivate, to give value and to make you money.

Inside the funnel are three places where you can profit using this model:

  1. The thank you page;
  2. Broadcast emails;
    These emails are sent to the entire list when you click send.
  3. Autoresponder emails;
    These emails are sent in a sequence from the day they subscribe.

The purpose of this series of emails is to teach people to create an Instagram account, build up a big following, post links to a Clickfunnels page that has an optin form then promote offers in follow up emails.

You will need an affiliate link to Tai Lopez 67 Steps to use this series as is. It will help to read each email as you go through these notes.

Day 16

Subject: This Article Made Me Think Of You…

There is nothing for sale in this email, it just sends people to an informative article that talks about the 10 traits that internet millionaires have in common. This email plants the seed that successful internet millionaires continue to acquire knowledge.

We are building the foundation for a later email that has an affiliate link for more education. The article basically says you should be learning everyday so if we tell people to buy a program of education they are more likely to listen to us.

It’s important to start thinking like a marketer. Not every email should try and sell something but at least write in a way that sets up an offer in a following email. Remember to write as if to a friend or spouse to make it personal.

Day 18

Subject: [10 keys 1 Answer] Inside Information…

The previous email contained a link to an article with 10 traits of successful internet marketers but when they read this subject line they’re wondering what is the one answer and what’s this inside information. The subject line builds curiosity which gets them to click the button and open the email.

We are talking people through the reason they need Clickfunnels and leveraging the authority of Anthony because he uses it. By email 18 you’ve built a level of credibility where your subscribers know, like and trust you so now you’re able to say I use this and so should you.

Wherever the email has a link next to it is where you need to insert your affiliate link.

Day 20

Subject: Here’s the answer.. my apologies!

Link: InstaEasy

Any time you say “my apologies” in the subject line is going to make people curious about what are you apologizing for. It’s another attention grabber.

People love to see how and why. You’re instantly telling people why they need InstaEasy and how it will flood their landing page with traffic.

The reason you want to promote a standalone offer is to make it appeal to two groups of people, those that can afford Clickfunnels at $97 per month and those where it is out of their reach. They may not afford Clickfunnels but they might be able to find $47 for InstaEasy which can still help them make money.

We are creating a buyer from someone that wasn’t a buyer.

The email started off by talking about Clickfunnels and we don’t want to alienate those people because we want them to buy InstaEasy. It is a great traffic source.

This email teaches subscribers a little bit more about how and why the model works.

Day 22

Subject: Do you like my training so far?

This is one of the most powerful emails you could ever send so pay close attention. Would you respond to this email?

You probably would right even if they were terrible emails you would still reply with a 1. As marketers we use human nature a lot because if you know what people typically do then you can write in a way that will elicit a response.

When they respond you get valuable feedback because you need to know if the people on your list are getting value or if they think you suck in which case you need to work on it. If they like what you’re writing then it boosts your confidence and makes them feel you genuinely care, it creates an affinity for you. Now they are more likely to do what you suggest.

This email does something else that you may not be aware of. When someone replies to your email you become a trusted contact and any email you send automatically goes to their inbox instead of the spam box. That is the job of the email on day 22.

Day 24

Subject: 67 Steps? Who in the world…

Link: Tai Lopez 67 Steps

The question becomes what offer do we promote that makes sense based on what we have already told people in the series.

We are telling people that by building a large Instagram following they can make money and we told them they need to continue their education.

If we send them one of Tai’s products built on Clickfunnels and they see he has 1.6 million Instagram followers do you think that will lend credibility to what you’re teaching, that it actually works because he’s already doing it.

In this email we are promoting a product by someone that is doing what this whole series teaches. They use Instagram to build a big following that sends people to a Clickfunnels page that sells continued education.

Do you think people reading this email will see a synergy between the products, that 1.6 million followers is evidence of success and that they should get the 67 steps to become even better.

This is an escalation of the original three steps because now they have 67 steps. They are getting deeper into the training because they are receiving credibility, value, and proof.

Day 26

Subject: He has 1.5 Million Instagram Followers..

Link: Tai Lopez 67 Steps, InstaEasy

The subject line is intended to grab their attention. You’re showing evidence of someone that is successful with a large following on Instagram then immediately reminds them about the InstaEasy software.

This email blends the two products in a way that compliment each other do they think they should get both. InstaEasy helps you build a large Instagram following which can then be used to sell affiliate products.

It’s like Anthony and Dickey’s Barbecue, they just go together.

Dickey's BBQ Brisket

Day 28

Subject: [Final Chance] Read Now.. Important

Link: Tai Lopez 67 Steps

This email is short because we want to catch those people with short attention spans who don’t like reading long emails. This is designed to create urgency so people click the link and take quick action and buy.

Day 30

Subject: Are you ready for more?

Link: none

This is an open transition where you can take people in whatever direction you want. You are reaching out and asking for their opinion.

The goal of this email is to get people to reply to you with the three things they need to achieve success.

When you start getting emails from people that tell you they need to get traffic or they need an autoresponder or whatever, now you can find affiliate programs that provide a solution. Those can become email 32 because you know what people want.

We also address the infinite need of people to be all-stars because nobody wants to be below average. Even though the odds may be stacked against you we still try so hard to become number one.

If you want to be an attorney you want to be the best attorney, if you want to be an Olympian you want to win gold, if you start a new job you want to rise fast it’s just the way we are wired.

In this email we are giving them some accolades saying they’re not average they’re not beginner internet marketers, no they’re all-stars. When you tell them you’ll send the next email with some awesome software they better take action as an all star because there is no turning back.

You don’t climb the hill only to turn around and go back down, you pushed the ball to the top so you can roll it down the other side. When you inspire people to allow themselves to feel good enough they will take more action, go further, do more and be more successful.

In writing this email sequence the hope is you will learn the methodology behind why we do what we do to get people to respond.


When you apply for these affiliate links with JVZoo make sure you mention you are a student of Anthony because that will hasten the approval process.

Anthony Morrison Student –
He requested I support your product.

The Problem With Affiliate Links

Imagine you have written 30 emails with many different affiliate links and you have links on a blog and on Facebook. If one of your affiliate’s websites goes down then you start losing money.

You shouldn’t put a direct affiliate link anywhere because you should aim to maintain control over your links. A better strategy is to have some redirect ability so if one offer no longer exists you can just change one link.


Using you create a traffic hub so if the primary link breaks then traffic is automatically redirected to the backup link so you continue to earn and stay in control.



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Your FREE 30 Day AR Series
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Your FREE 30 Day AR Series
So far you have been given everything you need to duplicate the funnel Anthony uses himself. Today we are reviewing an additional 16 days worth of emails.
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